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GoMix Company Profile


GOMIX CO., LTD. is one of the most reputable manufacturers of building materials, wall paint, wallpaper, house painting, waterproof, tile adhesive and grout, insulation materials, etc.


GOMIX operates a manufacturing plant with 3 separate sets of production facilities to produce high quality polymer-modified cementitious building materials. It is equipped with the most up to date machinery and uses the latest European technologies to produce premixed dry mortar systems under the GOMIX brand.


Product ranges:

In view of the objective to meet customer needs for quality products, GOMIX LTD. has successfully launched a wide range of building materials which includes EIFS Systems, Waterproofing & Coatings, Tile Adhesives & Tile Grouts, House Painting, Wallpaper and Wall paint.

Through its team of experienced engineers and concrete technologists, the company can supply high performance durable building materials for all applications and requirements



GOMIX LTD. is a pioneer in the field of Wall Paint and wallpaper. The company is one of the leading manufacturers in South of China. It’s brand name products include tile adhesive & grout, waterproofing, textured stucco, wall paper, house painting, wall putty, heat insulation and wall paint.


Technical Support:

GOMIX offers special products to meet specific project requirements.

GOMIX has a pool of experienced material specialists, technical staff members and sales engineers to assist customers to select the most appropriate products for their needs. Besides, on-site support on product applications and other technical issues will be provided to ensure customer satisfaction and proper use of the products.


New Field:

With the backing of their vast experience in the construction industry and related materials, GOMIX has ventured into the field of Wallpaper. This has given an opportunity for the company to diversify significantly in the market. With a team of experienced and technically sound personnel, latest high-tech rigs and state-of-art technology, GOMIX aims to provide their clients with quality solution for their house decoration works. The services under this division include tiling, grouting, paint, style texture design.


 Raw Material:

GOMIX uses raw materials from reliable sources chosen for their reputation for stable and superior quality. Advanced high quality additives are imported from leading international suppliers to ensure consistent performance of all GOMIX products. The automated manufacturing plant is computer-controlled to ensure that all important parameters remain tight tolerances during the production process.


Quality Control:

GOMIX operates a stringent in-house quality control system to monitor product quality and ensures that the requirements of relevant standards or specifications are met at all times. Therefore, due to superior performance and consistent quality, GOMIX products are widely approved and used by most of the government departments and private developers in the region.

Customer service