Tile & White Grout Cleaning-part2

Removal of Dirt, Stains and More

Tile steam cleaners remove soap scum, food stains, and beverage stains from hard surfaces. With the right anti-bacterial technologies, they can also remove molds and germs from tile and from within grout. Many users have reported that light colored tiles regain their white, shiny new appearance and lose their aged, yellow look after steam cleaning. Tile and white grout cleaning machines should be used only on non-porous tiles or sealed porous tiles. These surfaces should be scrubbed with steel wool or steel brush attachments for tile cleaners. 

Steam cleaners are also used for spot cleaning seats and upholstery. These machines cannot remove heavy layers of dirt on large carpeted areas, but they are appropriate for light spot cleaning. Many steam cleaners contain special filters that retain the smallest dust or pollen particles after vacuuming and are therefore ideal for removing allergens, cigarette ash, chalk dust, and similar matter.

The best steam cleaners for clubs have large brush attachments for steam mopping the entire floor. They also include small and triangular shaped brushes for covering corners and turns. Brass, stainless steel, and nylon detail brushes should also be provided. This wide assortment of accessories will allow users to tackle a variety of applications that club maintenance workers face.

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